Blue Whale 2017-18

 Mrs Arithoppah, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Watts welcome you to Blue Whale class page.

The children are involved in enquiry learning; where they will be finding out the answer to the big question

'Who am I?


Mrs Arrithopah uses this to plan all areas of learning for your child. Blue Whale class learning web and class letter can be viewed below.

Puzzled by the calculation methods your child uses? Look below for more information about these calculation methods.

Blue Whale's Brilliant Beginning task is research Ancient Egypt and create a leaflet/fact file about your favourite fact you found out.should be brought into school by April 28th.

Throughout your child's learning they will be encouraged to develop a growth mindset. You can find out more about this be reading the information and film clip below.

Addition calculation steps

Subtraction calculation steps

Multiplication calculation steps

Division calculation steps

Growth Mindset Presentation to Parents/carers

The Power of Yet

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