Polar Bear 2016-17


Mrs Gleeson, Mrs Porter and Ms Kamber welcome you to Polar Bear class page.

The children are involved in enquiry learning; where they will be exploring

'Tribal Trails' 

The children have posed ideas for the activities they would like to explore and Mrs Gleeson has then used these ideas to determine the direction of the learning journey. Polar Bear class learning web and class letter can be viewed below.

The Brilliant Beginning activity for this topic is to research one aspect of Iron Age/Celtic life in Britain. For example Iron Age religion or Iron Age weapons. Using this information they will create a poster or an artefact to display in the classroom. Please bring to school during the week beginning 24th April 2017.

Unsure about how the grammatical terms your child uses? Need clarity on the presentation expectations? Puzzled by the calculation methods your child uses? Look below for more information.

Throughout your child's learning they will be encouraged to develop a growth mindset. You can find out more about this by reading the information and film clip below.

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

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