Governing Body Minutes


On 1st August 2012 King William Street CE Primary School became an academy; an academy is funded directly by the Department for Education, and not by the Local Authority (Swindon, in our case). As an academy we have more freedoms over the curriculum, purchasing and procurement, but have extra responsibilities in the management of the school, its assets and staff.For example the school became responsible for its own admissions policy and the Trustees and governors became the employer of the school’s staff. The Articles of Association and Funding Agreement can be found here, along with the register of interest, Management letter and financial statements.


Our Governing Body meets monthly whilst the Finance Committee meet bi monthly. On this page you will find downloads of the approved Governing Body minutes.

Governors Newsletters

Letter to Parents and Carers regarding end of year results

Governing Body Minutes

 FINAL HR APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_24.01.2019.pdfDownload
 FINAL HR APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body and AGM_13.12.18.pdfDownload
 FINAL HR APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_15.11.18.pdfDownload
 FINAL HR APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_18.10.2018.pdfDownload
 FINAL HR APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_20.09.18.pdfDownload
 FINAL GE APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_19.07.18.pdfDownload
 FINAL GE APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_24.05.18.pdfDownload
 FINAL GE APPROVED MOM Full Governing Body_26.04.18.pdfDownload
 FINAL DJ APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_22.03.18.pdfDownload
 FINAL DJ APPROVED_MOM Full Governing Body_22.02.18.pdfDownload
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