Meet the Governors


The role of the governing body is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

  1. set the aims and objectives for the school
  2. set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  3. set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  4. monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  5. be a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend)

The Governing body of King William Street CE Primary School consists of parents, staff, members of the community and the church.

Mr David Jell - Parent Governor and Chair

My name is David Jell and I am parent governor which means that I have been appointed by the parents/carers of the school.  Currently I am Chair of the Governing Body and the link governor for Child Protection.  I became a governor in January 2014 and my term of office expires in February 2021.

I am married with two children, who are both pupils at King William Street Primary School.

I, myself, was a pupil at King William Street (many years ago!) so I have an historical interest in the success and achievements of the school as well as, now, as a parent.

I work as Manager at the Arts Centre.  I look forward to being able to utilise my skills, particularly in health & safety, technology and communication, alongside helping to ensure the continuing success of the academic achievements of the school. I also want to be able to support the staff to create a safe and social environment for all involved in King William Street School.

Mr Greg Evans - Co-opted Governor and Vice Chair

My name is Greg Evans and I am a co-opted governor which means that I have been appointed by the governors of the school.  Currently I am Vice-Chair of the Governing Body and a member of the Finance committee. I first became a governor in January 2010.

I am married to Justine and we have four children. In 2007 we took the decision to move our three younger children to King William Street from another local school because we felt there was (and still is) something very special about KWS. Since then we have both been passionate about the school and its ethos and have done what we can to contribute. That is why I applied to become a Governor in 2010. 

I also run a local computer software company and in my spare time I enjoy long dog walks, collecting music, DJing, photography and I try to stay fit.


Mr James Neill - Committee Governor

My name is James Neill. I am a committee Governor at King William Street CE Primary School which means that I have been appointed by the governors of the school.  Currently I am a member of the Finance committee.  I first became a governor in February 2013.    

My daughter used to attend King William Street but is now at Commonweal.

I currently work as a Decision Support Consultant in the property department at Nationwide, where I have also worked in Retail Strategy and Group Strategy and Planning.


Mrs Lisa Bamsey Silva - Staff Governor

My name is Lisa Bamsey Silva and I have been appointed by the non-teaching staff as a Staff Governor. My term of office will run from September 2017 to September 2021.

 I am married with two children, one who started at King William CE Primary in reception this academic year and my other will be joining when he is four. I love the family feel of the school and its special place within the community.

I live locally in Old Town but previously I worked in Portugal for four years where I met my husband and we had our first child. Whilst I was there I worked as a Finance Analyst for a large hotel. Prior to this I had worked in Finance for many years and also in Retail Management.

I hope I will have something to offer as a Staff Governor, I want the best for the school and for the children and hope I can aid in making it a safe, enjoyable and happy experience for them.

Mrs Margaret Clarke - Headteacher

As head teacher of King William Street CE Primary School I am also a school governor.

I have been head teacher at King William since April 2010. Prior to this I was head teacher of Northview Primary School and deputy head teacher at another local primary school. I am a mum to three children-Sophie who is an Assistant Psychologist, Tom who is waiting for employment as a part 1 architect and Laura who having studied law is working as a solicitor in Bristol.

My family and I have lived in the local area for many years and my children attended local primary and secondary schools.




Mrs Emma Kearns - Staff Governor

My name is Emma Kearns. I am a Staff Governor which means that I have been appointed by the teaching staff of the school.   I became a governor in October 2014 and my term of office expires in October  2018. 

I am in my third year as a teacher at King William Street CE Primary School. I firmly believe that every child should have positive experiences of school to help them grow personally and academically.

The governors play an important role in this, especially within our community focused school. I hope, that as a teacher and a governor I can help maintain and develop the contribution that King William Street CE Primary School makes to the lives of the children and their families.

Mrs Helen Hartnell - Foundation Governor 

I became a governor in August 2016, appointed by the Bristol Diocese to support the Christian values at the school. My term of office expires in August 2020.

I am married and live in Old Town, and have two grown up children as well as three grandchildren of primary school age. I attend Christchurch, Old Town. 

Recently retired, my working life was in education. I was a secondary school teacher for 27 years, with English as my main subject. I was Head Year and Head of Department in Learning Support. I became a teacher of children with special needs and I was a Special Educational Needs Coordinator. I was particularly interested in supporting children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ASD. The last ten years, I worked within a local authority as Senior Inclusion Officer and manager in a statutory SEN service.  

I believe in the principle of inclusive education entitlement, that every child is special and precious. I want children at King William Street to enjoy learning, to respect and to care for themselves, each other, their environment, and to develop spiritually. I would like our school to continue to be a welcoming place where children feel safe to achieve and to enjoy a stimulating education. 



Mrs Nicola White - Parent Governor and Chair of Finance

My Name is Nikki White and I am a Parent Governor, which means I have been appointed by the Parents / Carers of the school. I was appointed as governor in October 2015 and my term ends in October 2019. I am also chair of the Finance Committee.


I live in Old Town with my husband and three children, the youngest two attend King William Street CE Primary School.


I have worked in finance for many years and currently I work at a local secondary school in the Finance Department. I have always been interested in school finance as it is so different to any other sector in the charity or business world. With the changing structures of schools becoming academies and joining MATs or similar I think it is a very interesting, exciting and probably somewhat challenging time ahead for the education sector as a whole and something I would like to be involved in.



Rev. Simon Stevenette - Foundation Governor

My name is Rev. Simon Stevenette and I am a Foundation Governor at King William Street CE Primary School which means that I have been appointed by Bristol Diocese, along with the other Foundation Governors to support the Christian  values which the school upholds as a Church of England school. Currently I am a member of the  Foundation Governors committee.  I became a governor in September 2002.    

I am the vicar of Christchurch and  Area Dean of Swindon. I have led the parish as Vicar for the last 13 years. I am married to Nicola and we have 5 sons.  I love meeting people, working in the community building teams and helping people develop and grow in their spiritual gifting.

I enjoy sport in general especially running and am a member of Chiseldon tennis club and the Nuffield gym. I am Chaplain of Swindon Town Football club and an active member of the Swindon Rotary club.

Mrs Sarah Garrett- Parent Governor

My name is Sarah Garrett and at the end of September 2017 I was appointed as a parent Governor for the school. My term ends in September 2021.

 My husband, James, and I have lived in Old Town for over twelve years and we feel very much part of the local community. With both our children attending King William (Year 2 and Reception) I’d like to see the school continue to do well in providing fun experiences and education within a safe, respectful and caring setting, for all of the pupils that attend.

 I have seen, and continue to believe in, the difference that positive relationships and interactions can have on people young people. After graduating in Psychology from University my professional background has focused on working with vulnerable young people across Swindon.  This included young people who were homeless, those with mental ill health and young offenders.

 My husband and I can confidently say that, so far, our eldest child’s experience at King William (her personal growth and her perspective of school life,) is far more positive than we had even hoped. As a Governor I would like to oversee and work toward ways of helping every parent and child at this school feel the same.


Mrs Helen Redhead - Parent Governor

My name is Helen Redhead and I am a Parent Governor. This means that I have been appointed by the parents/carers of the school. I became a governor in December 2016 and my term of office expires in December 2020. As a governor I have responsibility for data.

I am married and we have one son who started in Blue Whale Class this academic year. I have been a Primary School Teacher for twelve years now and prior to going on maternity leave I was a Teacher Governor at the school where I work in West Swindon.

I am passionate about education and feel that we have a responsibility to provide the very best that we are able to for all the pupils of King William Street School. It is a privilege to be able to make a contribution as part of the Governing Body. I hope that my experiences as a teacher will be a help in this task.

My husband and I moved from Cambridge in 2008 so that he could work for a Christian mission charity. We are especially pleased that we are now able to be involved in the life of King William Street School as it holds with our own values and has a special place within the community of Old Town.