Staff - Meet the School Team


Teaching Staff and Teaching Assistants     

 Mrs Arithoppah

Blue Whale Class Teacher

English Team

 Mrs Walsh

Blue Whale Class Trainee Teacher

Mathematics Team

 Mrs Watts

Blue Whale  Teaching Assistant (mornings)


Mrs Summers

Tiger Class Teacher

English Team


Mrs Rowe

Tiger Teaching Assistant


 Mrs Giles

Tiger Teaching Assistant (mornings)








Mrs Kearns

Puffin Class Teacher

Subject Leader for Mathematics

 Mrs Simpkins

Puffin Teaching Assistant



Mrs Gleeson

Panda Class Teacher

Mathematics Team


Mrs Harmer

Panda Teaching Assistant


Miss Day

Polar Bear Class Teacher

Subject Leader for English


 Ms Kamber

Polar Bear Teaching Assistant








Mrs Kendall

Zebra Class Teacher

Mathematics Team 



Mrs Batten

Zebra Teaching Assistant


 Mrs Jell

Zebra Teaching Assistant 


 Mrs Plested

Leopard Class Teacher

Deputy Headteacher

Subject Leader for Computing, Anti-bullying.

Deputy Lead for Safeguarding

English Team


 Mrs Porter

Leopard Teaching Assistant (mornings)


 Mrs Watts 

Leopard Teaching Assistant (afternoons)








Mrs Evans

Teaching Assistant

Lead for Coffee and Cake

Mrs Aljoe

PPA Teacher

Subject Leader for RE and Spirituality





Mrs Hill


Deputy Lead for Safeguarding


Mario Walsh

Sports Coach/PPA for PE


Mrs Clarke


Designated Lead for Safeguarding

Designated Lead for Looked After Children Subject Leader for Assessment

Mathematics Team









 Mrs Watts

Breakfast Club

Mrs Missen

Breakfast Club


 Ms Kamber

Lead for Luncheon Club


 Mario Walsh

Coach for T D day/holiday Activity Club




Midday Supervisors

 Mrs McGunigall  Mrs Millar  Ms Kamber  Mrs Hollis  Mrs Heald  Mrs Batten


 Mr Clack Mrs Neill         



 Administrative Staff    Catering Staff   

 Mrs Pearce

School Business Manager

 Mrs Bamsey Silva

Finance Assistant

 Mrs O'Brien

Clerical Assistant

 Mrs Missen

Catering Manager

 Mrs French



Site Management

 Mr Fox

Site Manager

 Mrs Speed

Cleaner in Charge

 Mrs Waite


 Mrs Rai