School Menu 


Welcome to our school kitchen, which  is managed by Mrs Lena Missen, our Catering Manager and Mrs Dawn French who assists to cook some fabulous dinners for your children.

Mrs Missen has forty years of catering experience which began at the age of 16 years when she started Catering College. Having gained her catering qualifications, she worked in the busy kitchen of Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon and Princess Alexandra hospital in Wroughton. She then went on to cooking food for office staff as well as two other Swindon schools before she settled here at King William Street CE Primary School twelve years ago.

Mrs French also has thirty four years of catering experience. She attended Catering College where she not only qualified as a chef but also trained as a Silver Service waitress and a wine waiter. She has worked in a hotel, a bakery and another Primary school before joining Mrs Missen at our school.

Both Mrs Missen and Mrs French have the necessary qualifications-Food Preparation, Hygiene, Health and Safety and Allergens-they know their stuff!

They both enjoy cooking and make a great team who cook a variety of food which is tasty, nutritious and colourful-they believe a balanced diet doesn't have to be boring.


Mrs Lena Missen

Mrs Dawn French

All our school meals are freshly homemade in the school kitchen. Wherever possible, Our fruit and vegetables are locally sourced. Our fish and meat supplier provides us with the highest quality and is fully traceable. Our meals follow strict government standards which make sure the children get the nutrition they need across the school day. Good eating habits make happier healthier children who have more energy and can concentrate better throughout the day.

Delicious meals and dishes from around the world as well as good old family favourites such as Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings, Fruit Crumbles and Chicken pie appear on the menu. It is great to see so many children trying a variety of food which parents/carers may not have the time to cook at home.

As well as serving the food to the children, Mrs Missen and Mrs French like to sit with the children and gather their opinion on what food they like to eat or food they are not so keen on. This is entertaining and rewarding. Not only does this help them to get to know the children better but these ideas are used to plan future menus.

To book your child a school meal please log on to www.scopay/kingwilliamstreet and enter your menu choice:

R (for a meat meal),

G (for a vegetarian meal) or

Y (for a jacket potato).

If your child is in Panda, Polar Bear, Zebra and Leopard classes you then need to pay online for your school dinner using the 'pay online' button found on the menu bar to access your Tucasi account. Each meal costs £2:50. Please can you ensure you have enough credit in your account by making regular payments. If you do not make regular payments and your account exceeds the £20:00 the Governors allow parents/carers to go into arrears, you will be chased for payment. Failure to clear the debt by a certain date, will result in your child being refused a school meal until the debt has been cleared.

If your child attends a school trip or your child is off school during the term and you have ordered a meal, this will be cancelled for you and if you pay, you will not be charged.

Below is our 6 week rotating menu.


Please refer to the information from the Food Standards Agency below.

Jacket Potato

Your child will be allowed to choose from a choice of fillings on the day. These are cheese (allergen 7), baked beans or tuna (allergen 5).


The children will be offered a choice of bread every day. This could be wholemeal (allergen 2,13) or crusty bread (allergen 2).

Grab & Go

Grab & Go will be on the menu instead of jacket potato. This will include either a meat or vegetarian food item, carrot and cucumber sticks, a frube, a homemade biscuit, cake or flapjack. If your child is a vegetarian and there is a meat grab & go on the menu, you will have to order them a vegetarian meal, as jacket potatoes are not available on that day.


A selection of fresh fruit, yoghurt (allergen 7) and cheese and biscuits (allergens 2,7 and 12) will be available, together with the dessert of the day.

For those of you who provide a packed lunch our Packed Lunch policy can be found to the right of this page. For more information about school dinners and ordering email

Nutritional Standards Policy

As part of our Healthy School status, we have produced  policies to share with our parents that support Government recommendations for healthier school lunches.

Nutritional Standards Policy

Packed Lunch Policy

Our Packed Lunch Policy aims to help parents provide a healthy lunchbox.

Packed Lunch Policy