Parental Survey 2017-18

During our Parent-Teacher discussion evenings in November 2017 we asked all parents to complete a questionnaire. The results of our Parent survey are now available and the key message is extremely positive:

100% agree that King William Street CE Primary School promotes worthwhile attitudes and values.

100% agree that my child is well looked after at school.

100% agree that my child makes good progress at school.

100% agree that my child is taught well at school.

100% agree that the school ensures pupils are well behaved.

100% agree the school is well led and managed.

99% would recommend the school to another parent.

99% agree that my child feels safe at school.

98% agree that my child is happy at school.

99% agree that the school responds well to any concern raised.

98% agree that staff expect my child to work hard and do his/her best at school.

95% agree that my child receives appropriate homework for their age.

95% agree King William Street CE Primary School deals effectively with bullying.

95% agree that they receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress.

 Individual comments supported this positiveness too:

'KWS supports children and families with sensitivity, energy and consideration. The children feel safe and value because of the excellent school culture and climate by hard working staff and leadership.'

‘Feels like a community, everyone is so friendly and I've been made to feel welcome. People have gone out of their way to be inclusive and its really appreciated.'

‘I am more than happy with how my child has settled into King William. I would highly recommend it.'

‘My child has settled in so well at King William Street. He is making good progress and very happy to come to school. He always fills us in with the latest things he has learnt.'

'All our children loved and continue to love King William. We thank all the staff.'

'King William has a great atmosphere. The children have great respect for each other and interact with each other, whatever year they are in.'

 'I feel my child receives an adequate level of care and encouragement at school. He is very happy to attend and only positive things to say.'

'I credit the girls' success from the passion that all their teachers share and demonstrate in class. A fantastic, friendly and welcoming school.'

'Extra activities conducted after school hours are really helping my child to learn. Dojo concept that is practiced in school inspires my child to be very proactive.'