A calendar of future events for this academic year are included on the table below. Scroll down to take a trip down memory lane to view a variety of past events involving King William Street Church of England Primary School.



Blue Whale Parent Workshop-Number January 2017

School Football Team take part in the small schools football tournament at Chippenham January 2017

Zebra boys take part in boys writing cluster project with Andy Cope January 2017

Parent Workshop-Reading January 2017

Dance Club perform at Swindon Schools Dance Festival January 2017

Safer Internet Day February 2017

Fabulous Finish-Blue Whale café February 2017

Non-uniform day for Brighter Futures Appeal February 2017

Panda and Polar Bear classes visit Highclere Castle February 2017

Blue Whale Parent Workshop-Understanding of the World February 2017

World Book Day March 2017

Puffin class visit Cardiff Castle March 2017

Tiger class visit The Museum of Computing March 2017

Zebra class visit Richard Jefferies Museum March 2017

Parent Workshop-Spelling March 2017

Red Nose Day March 2017

Sleeping Beauty-the ugly truth April 2017

Easter Service April 2017

Easter Egg Hunt April 2017



Science Week January 2015

Addition and Subtraction Parent and Child Workshops January 2015

Tiger class visit The Cotswold Wildlife Park February 2015

Panda Drummers perform at Steam February 2015

E-safety Day February 2015

Dance club take part in Swindon Schools Dance Festival at The Wyvern Theatre February 2015

Puzzle Day February 2015

Leopard class visit Warwick Castle February 2015

Wombat class become Victorian School Children March 2015

Blue Whale class look for signs of Spring at Roves Farm March 2015

World Book Day March 2015

Leopard class take part in Cycling Proficiency March 2015

Glee club take part in Junior Music Festival at the Oasis March 2015

Year 5 and 6 take part in Swindon Primary School Tag Rugby Games

Easter Service March 2015

Panda, Polar Bear and Zebra classes perform 'Olivia' March 2015

Leopard class 'Stations of the Cross' displayed in Christ Church for Holy Week March 2015

Easter Egg Hunt in Town Gardens March 2015

Multiplication and Division Parent and Child Workshops April 2015

St George's Day Tea Party April 2015

Polar Bear stay at Oxenwood April 2015

Bible Service May 2015

Tiger class Medieval ball May 2015

Green Gear day for the NSPCC May 2015

Anti-bullying Day June 2015

Dance club perform at the Old Town Festival June 2015

Zebra class visit Malmesbury Abbey for a Lifepath event June 2015

Fit 5 In Week June 2015

Sports Morning and Family Picnic July 2015

Summer Fayre July 2015

RE Prayer Day July 2015

Tiger class visit Coate Water July 2015

Evening of Entertainment July 2015

Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat July 2015

Leaver's Service at Christchurch July 2015

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II as the longest reigning monarch September 2015

Parent Workshop-Mathematics September 2015

Macmillan Coffee Morning September 2015

Leopard class residential to PGL September 2015

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day September 2015

Blue Whale class family breakfast September 2015

Dyslexia Awareness Week October 2015

Harvest Service October 2015

Tiger class visit The Cotswold Motor Museum October 2015

'Get the Buzz' workshop for parents/carers November 2015

Children in Need November 2015

Trussell Trust Shoebox Appeal November-December 2015

Anti-Bullying Week November 2015

Zebra boys cluster writing event with author Andy Cope November 2015

Parent Workshop-Assessment November 2015

Key Stage 2 trip to Kidzania December 2015

Gained Dyslexia Friendly Award December 2015

A Midwife Crisis December 2015

Nativity Service December 2015

Christmas Fayre December 2015

Zebra's enter the Dragon's Den December 2015







Science Week January 2016

Parent Workshop-Grammar January 2016

Jeff Rich visits January 2016

E-Safety Day February 2016

Dance Club perform at Swindon Schools Dance Festival January 2016

Parent Workshop-end KS1 SATs February 2016

Parent Workshop-end KS2 SATs February 2016

Swindon 175 celebration February 2016

Sixth Sense Theatre Company-The Macbeth Curse February 2016

Classic Fiction World Book Day March 2016

Easter Cracked March 2016

Tiger class visit The Museum of Computing March 2016

The Tempest March 2016

Sport Relief March 2016

Easter Service March 2016

Easter Cake Sale March 2016

Easter Egg Hunt March 2016

New Walkway opened April 2016

Dyslexia Friendly Award celebration May 2016

Polar Bear Residential to Oxenwood May 2016

Leopard class visit Longleat May 2016

Bible Service May 2016

Rotary Duck Race May 2016

Quadkids for year 5 and 6 May 2016

Panda and Polar Bear class visit Clevedon June 2016

Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday celebration June 2016

Parent Workshop: Growth Mindset June 2016

Old Town Festival Parade June 2016

Dance club perform at Old Town Festival June 2016

Sports Morning and Family Picnic July 2016

Summer Fayre July 2016

Musical Evening July 2016

Talent Show July 2016

Quadkids for years 3 and 4 July 2016

Wombat class visit Legoland July 2016

Blue Whale class visit Weston Super Mare July 2016

Tiger class Africa day July 2016

Infant Music Festival July 2016

Blue Whale Parent Workshop-Learning Journeys and EYFS end of year report July 2016

Open Classrooms July 2016

Leopard class Macbeth July 2016

Leaver's Service July 2016

Blue Whale class first days at school September 2016

Leopard class visit The Corinium Museum September 2016

Zebra class visit The Corinium Museum September 2016

Macmillan Coffee Morning September 2016

Leopard class at PGL September 2016

Blue Whale class family breakfast October 2016

Parent Workshop-using the bar model October 2016

Swindon Foodbank Harvest donations October 2016

Harvest Service October 2016

Tiger class visit Steam Museum October 2016

Zebra boys take part in boys writing cluster project with Andy Cope November 2016

Anti-bullying Week November 2016

Children in Need November 2016

Trussell Trust Shoebox Appeal November 2016

Carols for Childline December 2016

Nativity Service December 2016

Christmas Fayre December 2016

Lights, Camel, Action! December 2016

Carols Around the Tree December 2016




Science Week January 2013

Family Fun Science Saturday January 2013

Trip to The National Gallery January 2013

Multiplication and Division Calculation Workshop for Parents February 2013

Mrs Hill visits The Gambia February 2013

World Book Day March 2013

Red Nose Day March 2013

Family Fun African Drumming Workshop March 2013

Quiz Night March 2013

Easter Service at Christchurch March 2013

Cluster Sports Stacking Cups Event November 2013

Easter Fayre March 2013

Blue Whale's Walk March 2013

Easter Egg Hunt March 2013

Polar Bear residential to Oxenwood April 2013

Messy Church April 2013

Gambia Day April 2013

Handwriting Workshop for Parent and Carers April 2013

Bible Service May 2013

Green Gear Day May 2013

Family Fun Summer Garden Crafts May 2013

Old Town Festival Parade June 2013

Dancing and Drumming at the Old Town Festival June 2013

Summer Fayre June 2013

Wimbledon at Wharf Green June 2013

Fit 5 in Week June 2013

Sports Morning July 2013

Music Day July 2013

Performing at the Picnic in the Park July 2013

Sainsbury's School Games July 2013

Treasure Island July 2013

Leaver's Service July 2013

Macmillan Coffee Morning September 2013

Leopard class visit PGL

Water Aid Fashion Show October 2013

Cluster Schools Golf Festival at Robert le Kyng October 2013

ICT week and launch of DB Primary October 2013

Luncheon Club 100th birthday October 2013

Harvest Service October 2013

Donations to Swindon Foodbank October 2013

Children in Need November 2013

Donations to Trussell Trust Shoe Box Appeal November 2013

Anti Bullying Week November 2013

Aladdin December 2013

Christmas Decoration Day December 2013

Christmas Fayre December 2013

Nativity at Christchurch December 2013

Carols Around the Tree December 2013

Science week January 2014
Unicef Cake sale January 2014
Leopard class visit Central Library February 2014
Safer Internet Day February 2014
Addition and Subtraction Calculation Workshop February 2014
Leopard class visit Hampton Court March 2014
Sir James visits Wombat and Polar Bear classes March 2014
Family Book Swap and Storytelling March 2014
Sixth Sense Theatre Company Production of 'Pig Town Kids' March 2014
Cycling Proficiency for Leopard Class March 2014
Junior Music Festival March 2014
Family Disco March 2014
Quiz Night March 2014
Reading Workshop with bedtime stories May 2014
Flame FM May 2014
Leopard class Safari to Longleat May 2014
Multiplication and Division Calculation Workshops for Parents May 2014
Gymnastics Team compete in Swindon Primary School heats and qualify to take part in Sainsbury's School Games May 2014
NSPCC Green Gear Day May 2014
Anti Bullying Day June 2014
Quadkids compete in Swindon Primary School heats and qualify to take part in the final of Sainsbury's School Games June 2014
Fit 5 In week
Leopard class leaver's Service July 2014
Macmillan Coffee Morning September 2014
Donations to Swindon Foodbank October 2014
Swindon Primary School Games Cross Country Competition October 2014
Anti-Bullying Week November 2014
Tag Rugby Festival November 2014
Donations to Trussell Trust Shoe Box Appeal November 2014
Christmas Fayre December 2014
Carols Around the Tree December 2014
Glee Club sing at the Memory Café December 2014




Science Week January 2012

Chinese New Year January 2012

Sports Ambassadors attend Olympic Conference February 2012

Snow White and the Seven Jockeys February 2012

Valentine Day Cake Sale February 2012

Maths Day February 2012

World Book Day March 2012

Sport Relief March 2012

Polar Bear visit Oxenwood March 2012

Dragon's Den March 2012

Famous Egg Competition March 2012

Easter Service March 2012

Easter Egg Hunt March 2012

Easter Fayre March 2012

Dragon's Den visit Leopard class April 2012

Dragon's Den visit Zebra class April 2012

Tribal Afternoon 12th May 2012

Olympic Torch Relay 23rd May 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 1st June 2012

Bengali Tiger June 2012

Country Day June 2012

Old Town Festival Parade June 2012

Team Olympics July 2012

Girls Football Team and Sports Ambassadors watch Team GB at the Olympic Games July 2012

Leopards at PGL September 2012

Blue Whale Breakfast October 2012

Addition and Subtraction Calculation Workshops October 2012

Harvest Festival October 2012

Family Dance Workshop October 2012

Maths Day October 2012

Extreme Reading October/November 2012

Leopard class perform at The Arts Centre November 2012

Dance Club perform at The Wyvern Theatre November 2012

Anti Bullying Week November 2012

Ruby Fat Cow Day November 2012

Trussell Trust Christmas Shoe box Appeal November 2012

Family Fun Christmas Crafts December 2012

It's a Baby Tiger and Wombat Christmas Production December 2012

Festival of Light Parade December 2012

Christmas Decoration Day December 2012

Nativity Service December 2012