Early Riser Breakfast Club

An active healthy way to start the day!

What is breakfast club?

Our breakfast club, run by our own school staff -Mrs Rowe and Mrs Watts, is available from 7:45am on each school day and is open to all children. A charge of £3:00 per session is made and payment can be made online.

A healthy breakfast is available including cereal, toast, fruit juice and fruit. Mrs Watts offers a range of activities for the children to take part in before they join the children in the playground at 8:30am.

If you would like your child to attend - whether for one morning as a one off, or for five days a week - please book them in at the school office clerical@kingwilliamstreet.co.uk

'The school's breakfast club provides a safe and positive start to the day. Pupils enjoy their breakfast and the activities on offer. Consequently, pupils are ready and eager to learn'

Ofsted 2017

What's for Breakfast?

The children have a choice of:  

White bread toast (allergens - 2,13)

Wholemeal bread toast (allergens - 2,13)

Soft spread margarine (allergens - 7)

Marmalade or jam or marmite (allergens - 1)

Crumpets (allergens - 2, 7) 

A variety of cereals:

Weetabix (allergens - 2)

Rice Crispies (allergens - 2,7,10,11)

Shredded Malt Wheaties (allergens - 2,10,11)

Multigrain Hoops (allergens - 2,7.10,11) 

To drink the children are able to choose from:

Milk (allergens - 7)

Orange juice or apple juice

Fresh Fruit

(Please refer to the allergens shown on the right) 


Meet The Staff

Mrs Rowe

Mrs Watts