Parental Survey 2018-19

As part of our Ofsted inspection in October 2019, parents/carers were asked to complete a questionnaire through ParentView. The  key message from this was extremely positive:


100% agree that your child is happy at school

100% agree that  my child has SEND, and the school gives them the support they need to succeed.your child makes good progress at this school.

100% agree that my child does well at this school.

100% agree that my child can take part in clubs and activities at this school.

98% agree that my child feels safe at this school.

98% agree that the school supports my child’s wider personal development.

98% agree that the school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.

98% agree that the school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year.

98% agree that when I have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly.

96% agree that the school has high expectations for my child.

96% agree that  the school lets me know how my child is doing.

96% agree that the if my child has been bullied, the school dealt with the bullying quickly and effectively

96% agree that the school has high expectations for my child.

96% would  recommend this school to another parent 

94% agree there is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school


Additionally, at our Parent-Teacher discussion evening in October 2019,in response to question ‘What do you most like about King William Street CE Primary School? we invited written comments from parents/carers and these individual comments supported this positiveness too:

I love the school and how happy my children are to come in the mornings. They feel safe and happy and they learn so much.

The teachers are approachable and helpful. My child enjoys going to school. Anti-bullying policy is exceptional.

I love the friendly community feel of the school. The small class sizes are brilliant.

I really like the school ethos, I know how much effort all the staff put into teaching. Thank you for all your hard work.

The teachers are kind and friendly, the school environment is good for learning.

The ‘family’ atmosphere.

It is a Christian school but free for all.

Very caring staff and atmosphere. High quality education across a wide range of subjects. Excellent community feel. My daughter is safe and happy here.

The range of activities. The teachers and the support they provide for the kids.

The smaller size. The atmosphere, the excellent staff and head. We also love the building!

Education pattern and the way concepts are taught to students. Educational trips and practical exercises.

I love the happy, friendly environment. Very welcoming school.

Christian values, friendly, good teachers and extracurricular activities are good.

Caring and considerate environment.

It’s a small school where every pupil counts.

The Love! The way all members of staff know the children, express care for them and enable them to grow in all areas-not just academically.

It's small and everyone knows kid’s names.

They do lots of after school activities and trips.

How accessible the headteacher is. All teachers seem to know and care about all children.

Size of the school, friendly small feel with approachable and happy staff.

It’s a friendly school and everyone knows everyone! The size is perfect for our two children and I always feel welcome. It is a safe place for children to grow.

Family feel, smaller classes, informative to parents.

Family atmosphere and work ethic.

Well organised schedule for students. Activities after school. Football club. Helpful, friendly teaching staff. Headteacher who is always approachable.

We are happy with this school. Our daughter loves coming to school and always leaves at the end of the day very happy. We like the atmosphere and how the school welcomes the parents. Our daughter thoroughly enjoys it here and feel she is doing very well. Thank you.

The community feel and the smallness of the school.

Our son lives being with his friends and being taught by his teacher.

Children feel comfortable in school. The school is a really nice in terms of sending notification/communications well on time. We really like the class’s friendly environment for students and open classrooms for parents.

I like the way they teach morals.

The school is small, friendly and accessible-very welcoming to new pupils. The teachers have taken the time to get to know our children and understand ‘what makes them tick’. They are encouraging and get the best out of them.

It has a lovely community feel. Teachers, support staff and pupils are lovely.

The caring environment it provides. Both of my children have gone through King William and have been very happy. I am pleased with the academic progress my children have made.

The staff, the children, the atmosphere!!! It is a wonderful Christian school.

The ethos, values, quality and care/nurture. The openness and opportunities and the tangible drive for the best provision for the children. It’s a wonderful School-I am proud to have had 3 children go through the school.

It’s a small community school. Communication is good. My child is happy.

Community feel of the school. Teachers are approachable. The coffee and cake on a Friday makes a big difference to people and is a lovely opportunity to catch up with staff and friends.

All of the staff are approachable and friendly. I feel if ever there was a problem the Headteacher has always got time for me or my child.

I like the King William School atmosphere, the way they teach the kids and what all the teachers do to the kids.

Small classes with lots of individual attention given.

Everything. Everyone is very nice and helpful. My child gets the support he needs.

Old school in town but with a decent education, culture and traditional approach.

The communication with parents is great. Friendly caring staff-whenever I speak to staff about anything, I am listened to.

Intimate community with teachers that care and issues are tackled not ignored.

Everything! I love how nurturing the staff are and how they genuinely care about every child.

Nice location, good amount of pupils, nice building.