School Improvement Plan 2017/18

For the academic year 2017/18 there are five priorities which the school has included in its improvement plan:

Priority 1

To further improve outcomes across the school in mathematics  in order to diminish the difference with national standards for all groups

Priority 2


To raise attainment across the school in reading and writing so that middle attaining and the most able make good/accelerated progress

To further improve achievement and standards in spelling, punctuation and grammar so that these are applied accurately in pupils’ writing across the curriculum

Priority 3

To continue to improve the personal development, behaviour and welfare of pupils.

Priority 4


To further develop teaching and learning  across the school so that teaching becomes consistently good or better by

insisting that information from teachers’ assessment is used precisely to plan work that is closely matched to pupils’ needs

insisting that teaching staff have consistently high expectations that result in pupils’ making good progress in relation to their starting point.

Priority 5


Increase the effectiveness of leadership and management by:

leaders firmly holding teachers to account through their checks on teaching and pupils’ progress

ensuring that middle leaders’ work has a positive impact on raising pupils’ achievement.

ensuring that governors hold leaders to account robustly for improving pupils’ outcomes so that they are consistently good

continuing to develop a curriculum which is broad and balanced and supports good outcomes for all pupils.

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