King William Street CE Primary School

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  2. Science


Our Science curriculum is taught in blocks linked as far as possible to the topic that is being taught that term. Each element will be taught on a two year rolling programme.

During each block there will be an emphasis on working scientifically using one of the different types of scientific enquiry:

  • Observation over time
  • Identify/classify
  • Pattern seeking
  • Research
  • Fair testing

The knowledge taught relates to the key national curriculum areas of Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and their Properties and Physical Processes.

Accurate scientific language is modelled and developed throughout the lesson and that all pupils are expected to use it. In this way, they can demonstrate their understanding and we can minimise and challenge any misconceptions. Probing questions are evident throughout the lesson, with children responding in full sentences.

Year One Cycle

Year One & Two

Ingenious inventors

Seasonal changes taught throughout the year




Let’s explore

Sound (science week)

Enchanted woodlands

Green plants


Year Three & Four

Life in the freezer

Green plants

Animals and plants

Tomb raiders

Light and sound (science week)

Magnificent me

Human body

Year Five & Six

Island invaders

Changes that form new materials

Materials and reversible changes


Take one picture

Electricity (science week)

Myths, minotaurs and mortals

Year Two Cycle

Year One & Two

All washed up

Seasonal changes taught throughout the year

Humans and animals

Towers, tunnels and turrets

Light (science week)



Fly me to the moon


Sunrise and sunset (part of seasonal change)


Year Three & Four

Our living planet

States of matter



Electricity (Science week)



Year Five & Six

Reach for the sky


Marvellous Mayans

Earth and beyond (science week)

Existing, endangered, extinct

Animals including humans