King William Street CE Primary School

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At King William Street CE Primary school, our RSHE curriculum allows for the recognition that we are all different and offers a chance to celebrate our uniqueness. It helps our children to flourish as members of the school and the wider community by teaching them awareness of emotions, healthy habits, how to keep safe and maintain positive relationships. These are particularly important because they support the children to act with love and respect, both towards themselves and towards others which, in turn, sets them up for living safe, healthy and fulfilling lives in the future. As a CE school we have chosen to use 'Goodness and Mercy’ to plan and teach units on Health, Relationships and Sex Education supplemented by resources from ‘Money and Me’ to plan and teach  Economic Well-Being.

Our school RSHE can be read below.

In addition to our RSHE teaching, we also take part in National Anti-Bullying Week every November and three times per year, the children explore online safety, which includes e-safety day every February.

For more information about our approach to online safety and anti-bullying click here Staying Safe