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King William Street CE Primary School
Single Stand-Alone Academy

King William Street CE Primary School converted to Single Academy status in August 2012 which means that we are a single stand-alone academy trust and a registered company, limited by guarantee.

Registered number: 08117139
Registered office: King William Street CE Primary School, King William Street, SWINDON, Wilts SN1 3LB.

Academy schools are state-funded schools in England which are directly funded by central government (specifically the Department for Education) and are independent of the local authority. Our Governing Body is accountable to the Secretary of State for Education through the requirements of our Funding Agreement.

Our Academy has two layers of governance:

The members, who operate at a strategic level with ultimate control of the direction of the Academy trust. King William Street CE Primary School has three members, one of which is The Diocese of Bristol Academies Company, who meet once a year for an Annual General Meeting. The remit of the members is to ensure the Academy Trust achieves its charitable objectives, appoint an auditor, receive the annual accounts, amends the articles of association, and appoint the 'appointed' governors.

Our members are:

Mrs T Smith

Mr J Neil

Mrs L Townend ( Diocese of Bristol Diocesan Board of Education)

The trustees, who are often referred to as governors, have responsibility for the day-to-day management and operation of the Academy trust. King William Street CE Primary School currently has twelve Trustees whom meet monthly to monitor, evaluate and review Academy policy, practice and performance in relation to curriculum planning, target setting, assessments (Key Stage SATS and Teacher Assessments) and all pastoral issues; review the effectiveness of the Governing Body; review the School Development Plan; ensure policies and procedures are in place for effective personnel management, manage relationships with the school's stakeholders. As a Church of England Academy, they also ensure that Christian values underpin all aspects of school life and advise on any matters relating to the ethos and spiritual life of the school.

Documents associated with our academy status can be found below.

Articles of Association and Funding Agreement
 Articles of Association.pdfDownload
 Funding Agreement.pdfDownload
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Financial Statements
 Financial Statements year end 31st August 2018.pdfDownload
 Financial Statements year end 31st August 2019.pdfDownload
 Financial Statements year end 31st August 2020.pdfDownload
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Attendance Record
 Trustee Attendance 2019-20.pdfDownload
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Pecuniary Interests
 Trustees Declarations of Pecuniary Interest.pdfDownload
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Annual General Meeting Minutes
 Approved MOM AGM 12.12.19.pdfDownload
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