King William Street CE Primary School

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Modern Foreign Language

At King William Street, we recognise the importance of learning a modern foreign language and have selected French which is taught to all children in year 3, 4, 5 and 6. French is taught on a weekly basis with French learning recorded in the children’s individual French book.

Our French curriculum has been designed to support and help students of all abilities to access languages and fulfil their potential in an engaging and fun way. We teach the contents outlined in the National Curriculum using French Sentence Builders – A Lexicogrammar approach. Within each unit, the children are given opportunities to practice new learning by listening, speaking, translating, reading and writing. The units within the French Sentence Builders resource are carefully mapped out across Key Stage 2 to ensure progression and consolidation. At the beginning of every new unit, teachers revisit the key knowledge of previous units, before introducing new learning.

Each lesson is identified with a WALT that is taken from each year group’s small steps progression document. Each WALT is a small step towards the children achieving the milestone for that subject. These WALTs are then highlighted in the children’s books and the attainment is then recorded on the Modern Foreign language part of Target Tracker.