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School Meals & Packed Lunches

We would like to remind you that our school is:

Cooked School Meals

At King William Street CE Primary School, we pride ourselves on the school meals we offer our children. It takes time to ensure your child gets a balanced diet, which we base on The School Food Standards. By using these standards, it is intended children develop healthy eating habits, which will ensure they get the energy and nutrition they need to learn and to grow.

Our school lunches are freshly prepared and cooked in our school kitchen  by Mrs Simpkins and Mrs Eagles. Together they have designed and planned a range of nutritionally balanced meals which I hope your child will want to eat and enjoy.

Your child will currently have a choice of the following meals from the menu each day:

  • Main Meal Option
  • Vegetarian Option 
  • Jacket Potato Option
  • Sandwich Option


Mrs Simpkins
Mrs Simpkins
Mrs Eagles
Mrs Eagles

Here is the menu for the Autumn Term: 

Parents/carers are able to prebook meals using School Grid. You can book daily, weekly, monthly and termly. Orders must be made by 8.55am to be included in the days lunch service.

SchoolGrid allows parents and carers to log any food allergies or sensitivities and ensures that only meals on the menu that do not contain that allergen can be ordered for your child.  

If your child is in Blue Whale, Tiger of Puffin classes, there is no charge for each meal as they are eligible for a Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM). Some children are  entitled to benefit-related Free School Meals (FSM) and again no charge will be made for each meal ordered. For all other children (non-FSM and in Panda, Polar Bear, Zebra and Leopard classes) the price for a meal and pudding is £2.50.

If you feel you are entitled to a Benefits Related Free School Meal, please apply through Swindon Borough Council website:

Packed Lunches

Our school operates a healthy eating policy. We ask that parents/carers provide their children with a balanced lunch if children are not having a school dinner. We are often asked to clarify what children can and cannot have in their lunch box.

Suggested Items

  • At least one portion of fruit or vegetables.
  • Sandwich / roll / wrap filled with meat / fish / cheese / other non-dairy protein. No nuts. No humous.
  • Starchy food such as bread / pasta / rice / noodles / cous cous.
  • Yoghurt / fromage frais.
  • One plain biscuit.
  • Drink of water.

Items to Avoid

  • High fat savoury snacks such as crisps / sausage rolls / pork pie.
  • High sugar snacks such as Fruit Winders / chocolate covered bars and biscuits.
  • High salt content foods such as Cheese Dippers / Dairy Lea Lunchables / Cheese Strings / pepperoni / Fridge Raiders.
  • Fizzy drinks

Please do not include any nut foods or humous in your child's packed lunch due to the danger to children with allergies.

Examples of Packed Lunches
Examples of Packed Lunches

Packed Lunch Policy