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Celebrating Achievements

At King William Street CE Primary School, we are proud of our children and love to celebrate their achievements.


We hold a range of assemblies throughout the week and the year where we celebrate the children's achievements. 

During our assembly on a Monday, which always link to our school value of the term, a child is chosen from each class who has demonstrated the school value that week. This child is presented with a 'Values Band' 

During Monday assembly, children will also be celebrated for:

  • External awards - music, sport and dance awards.  
  • Sporting events - such as winning a football match or taking part in Swindon School Games.
  • Praised for their contributions to the wider school community - such as raising money for charity or helping an elderly neighbour with their gardening. 


Hot Chocolate Friday

Each week, the class teachers nominate a child from their class who has been noticed for their consistently excellent behaviour. These children will then be invited to join Mrs Clarke for a sit down with a hot chocolate and a biscuit.


Other Celebrations

Proud Wall

Every classroom has a proud wall. The wall creates a space in the classroom where every child has the opportunity to display and share work they are proud of.

Recognition Board

Each class has a Recognition board. The teacher will write at the top of the board the behaviour they are focusing on. When the teacher sees children demonstrating the behaviour well, they will write their name on the board. The recognition board is not intended to shower praise on the individual. It is a collaborative strategy: we are one team, focused on one learning behaviour and moving in one direction. At the end of the lesson /session/day (depending on context) the aim is for everyone to have their name on the board.

Reading Nights

At King William Street CE Primary School we encourage children to read with their parents every day. Whenever a child reads to their parent out loud, the parent records this in a reading diary. When a child meets a reading milestone, such as has read for 100 nights, they are awarded a special sticker or bookmark.

In addition, for children in Panda, Polar Bear, Zebra and Leopard classes, there is an additional reward for children who read over 150 nights and over 200 nights during the year. For 150+ nights, children attend a storytelling session at Old Town library. For 200+ nights, children enjoy a book related session in The Town Gardens with Anish Harrison.

Open Classroom

Once every term, parents/carers are welcomed into the classroom where they can complete an activity alongside their child. This also provides an opportunity for children to share and discuss their learning.