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A Wriggly Nativity


We are very excited; we can’t sit still.

Can you feel the thrill?

Glory, glory, what a story! No one is sitting still.

It's a Wriggly Nativity-the story of the first Christmas.

Many years ago, Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem. It was a long way from their home. Mary was expecting a baby.

Eventually, one inn keeper said I have a stable you can use with straw.

Later that night Jesus was born. Mary rocked him gently, and sang to him.

The animals were very excited! It was special to have a baby born in their stable.

That night the sky was filled with stars!

Suddenly, the sky was full of light from some beautiful angels. The angels had come to tell the shepherds about Baby Jesus.

The wise men knew that this was the special star they had been waiting for. So they got on their camels and followed the star.