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Tiger Bible Service


Tiger class began their Bible service by explaining that the Bible is an incredibly special book which is actually made of 66 books.

Odessa and Azlan thought that carrying around 66 books would be really heavy.

We then learnt that the Bible is split into different sections: the old testament which has stories from before Jesus was born. The new testament which has stories from Jesus’s life. It also has proverbs, these are wise sayings and songs.

The children then shared their favourite Bible story.

Tiger class then shared Matthew 7-24-The story of 2 men who built their houses.

The first man decided to  build a strong house because he knew it needed a strong foundation.

The other man also wanted to build a house. He did not think about where to build he just found a nice flat spot and started building. He chose to build his house on the sand next to the river.  This man was foolish.

When the houses were built both men were happy with their houses and they moved in.

One day a storm came, the house on the sand kept slipping and sliding. As the water rose his house fell apart.  He was a foolish man.

The house on the rock stayed strong and sturdy and the man was very happy and proud of his house.


From this story, we have learnt that when we hear God’s word we have to choose to listen and to build our lives on a strong foundation.

Before we were presented with our own Bibles, we sang 'The wise man built his house upon the rock.'