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Oxenwood 2023

Having arrived at Oxenwood, the children travelled back in time to the Iron Age. 

Everyone is really happy.

After a day outside, the children familiarised themselves with their rooms. All the girls together in the big dormitory and the boys in the smaller bedrooms in the house.

Dinner was chicken and chips or for the vegans vegan burger chips and salad. Pudding was cheesecake-all agreed it was yummy.

As evening approaches, it is time for a long, long, long walk.

It appears that the long walk didn't quite tire some of the children enough!


Up bright early and after eating breakfast, the children prepared themselves for a day of archery and water sports.

When everyone had returned to the centre, the climbing wall came out. I wonder who made it to the top?

Whilst waiting for dinner, there was an opportunity for some down time. Some chose to spend it on the filed playing football.

On the last day we ventured into the woods for shelter building.

We then learnt how to light a fire with flint and celebrated our success by toasting marshmallows.